NevadaSYSTEM – 25 Years Ago

I just love the intimate electronic atmosphere that’s created in “25 Years Ago”. Mostly because of the fact that I didn’t know it was even possible to create such a detailed level of intimacy in downtempo.

The scenery of this tune is awesome. There’s motion of small elements happening. Evolving from just a thought to full-blown life, the elements grow from fragile and defenseless, to a self-evident conglomerate of groove. Every detail in the track, from percussive glassy elements to traditional guqin strings, has its purpose and goal in the new release of Canadian DJ/producer NevadaSYSTEM. Once fully blooming, the tune feels like a universe of elements that decided to exist in a new way of life.

And the beauty about that interaction of elements is shown by the perfect blend of old and new, of vulnerable and kicking, of traditional and unusual. The artist somehow managed to not exclude traditional musical ways when it comes to create futuristic ones. The ability to let both of them happen, and create a new style within an old genre, speaks for itself, and it makes the producer a multitalent in the purest sense. This track is like a recipe how to respect what has been, and to embrace what will be.

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Florian Maier

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