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JMS – Randy Savage

With a very interesting retro-styled approach both from a musical standpoint as well as lyrics-wise, the new release of Oxford based multitalent JMS spans half a lifetime of memories with a special blend of musical elements. What first triggered my interested was the lyrics. Being the old man I am today, this tune sort of struck a nerve, it felt a bit like the crossroads between then and now, who I was and who I am today. And this point of view was provided by a honest and understanding approach, garnered by food for thoughts in form of fun and retro elements, both musical and lyrical highlights.

Yet it still is sort of a mystery who JMS is. With the ability to create those sophisticated tunes that always have this humble undertone, as if they were sort of shy, JMS knows how to transmit feelings big time in a defensive and balanced way. Checking his catalogue so far, the available songs indicate that he already found his signature style, yet the musician underwent an evolutionary process between 2018 and today. While “Car Boot Sale” feels a bit edgy regarding mix, the newest songs “Election Day” and of course, “Randy Savage”, already found their place in history. A well-rounded mix, and this unique futuretro glow combined with a relaxed but also ever-knowing aura create a omnisicent atmosphere to slightly groove (and even to sing along) in.

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