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HOAX – Drew

With a special retro-styled, but futuristic-glowing blend of music, the new release of New York based indie pop-rock band HOAX is a needed motor for these days. As the temperature is starting to drop over here, and as the days are getting shorter, this tune injects some soft drive into your soul. Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar, the masterminds behind HOAX, managed to create a unique futuretro blend, as well as an addictive melanchoeuphoric mix.

With the song revolving around the the importance of kindness and gratitude, the topic is pictured solidly with an energetic bass/drum combination that contains almost disco-ish sprinkles of glitter. With the guitars creating an atmosphere loaded with a steady groove, the vocals are using this atmosphere like a perfect fit shoe. All in all, the tune is a total package: a well-rounded mover with awesome music and a message.

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