Arcus – Panic

I love music that creates another sonic world. I love it even more if it does so from the first seconds on. And I’m an instant fan if there are melodies involved that instantly trigger emotions and vibes. And that’s what brings us to today’s favourite: ladies and gentlemen, this is “Panic”.

This tune of Belgian producer Arcus designs this dense, dark, and somewhat driven atmosphere that raises the heart level just through its wholesome concept. Creating a shadowed high-intensity stir, the track uses arpeggiated synths along a crisp and almost retro-flavoured rhythm section for it’s base theme, which alone would be enough for the tune to stand its ground out there.

You know those guys in the club, just standing at the bar and nodding their heads to the music instead of dancing? I’d be one of those guys, yet this track would make me put on sunglasses at night while giving my best dark smile. The high-pitched slow interludes create additional goosebump moments, as the track takes them to be a breather before going full speed again, building an extraordinary momentum curve in the process.

All in all, it’s the flawless blend of melody, rhythm, and extras that make the tune something special. There’s a special vibe present. It’s as if the tune had a consciousness. It knows that it doesn’t has to impress you. It was born impressive.

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