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Liam Isaac – She Rides the Rainbow Train

Time to get into slow groove ballad mode, folks. With an extraordinary drum loop and melancholic vocals, the new release of Canadian singer/songwriter/producer Liam Isaac raises an eyebrow while you groove along the emotional piece.

It takes some time to adapt to this lo-fi, edgy percussive extras happening though. For me, the fact that this isn’t just a slick and soft sobber but has this grainy atmosphere speaks totally for the track, as it defies some given rules, creating its own world in the process. As the soft and defensive piano sets the foundation of the tune, the mechanical crackling components are scratching and digging, as if they were thoughts of doubt and insecurity, trying to dismount the melancholic construct. In a way, this is how our mind works, right? You can’t just think in one direction without being distracted by whatever else flows around in your mind.

The signature blend of soft melodies, outstanding crisp vocal performance, and gritty rhythm makes “She Rides the Rainbow Train” a really special track for me. Combining new with old, known with unknown, human and mechanical aspects, the track is both an ultra-slow groover and a fantastic conceptual hit on the common genre rules.

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