Manpreet Kundi – something

This piano ballad contains a very intense kind of honesty. And as with the earlier works of singer/songwriter Manpreet Kundi, it’s this honesty that makes the music so relatable.

With quite a minimal setting, spiced up with calm and basic extras, garnered with several changes in pace, structure, and vibe, the tune pictures exactly what’s going on when you’re sitting alone, thinking about things that aren’t anymore. Thinking about your worth to others, questioning the worth of a relationship. What really hits me with “something” is the exact picture of the feeling. When we’re alone and hurt in this situation, no one of us thinks straight and linear. Thoughts are racing, pushing aside each other, while our emotions alternate between sad, confident, broken, and defiant every other moment while we try to sort our thoughts and feelings. Yet all of these are crashing over our minds like a tidal wave that build up for probably years.

This tune won’t use a massive “whoah” environment to shine, it rather stays in the honest and shy situation. And that’s its secret weapon. It feels in the right place, and it feels real. That’s what I love most about the track. It’s not staged. It’s no artificial product or contract work. You can feel that this is real.

Florian Maier

Owner of kms reviews. Drummer. Sound explorer. Music enthusiast. Critic. Writer. Husband. Father. All stacked up in 1.88 m, 84 kg.
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