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Sofi Gev – Someday, Maybe

Like rays of sun that shine through the windows of an old abandoned house, the backing melody of the new release of singer/songwriter Sofi Gev creates this unique safe haven. From the first seconds on I fell in love with the soft, emotional and pristine theme of “Someday, Maybe”.

Being an expression of probably mankind’s worst fear – losing a loved one – this tune combines both heavy-hearted melancholy and uplifting sparkles of positivity. There’s a certain omniscient vibe connected to the track. It’s kinda hard to explain, yet as the story is being told, it describes something that everyone of us knows. It’s a core emotion that is engraved in our DNA.

Being backed by a piano and strings, the vocals feel vulnerable and fragile. And that’s what makes this tune such a gem, it’s the whole atmosphere it creates. The gentle yet intense feelings that are connected to the song. The fear, the isolation, the hurt, the vulnerability, everything is expressed in a way only a wise soul can do. This isn’t something staged, you gotta live through these feelings to transmit them in such a clean and authentic way.

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