Hendrix – Storms Coming

Being about not wanting to sink to the level of being hurtful, but learning to set boundaries and to stand up for yourself, the new release of Canadian born singer/songwriter Hendrix knows how to transmit emotions. But it doesn’t do so with sobbing lush dreamy guitar chords or something like that, not by a long shot. With a backing that consists of saturated synths, room building effect chains, sparkling chops and snippets, “Storms Coming” is a prime example of how to create a up-to-date electro pop signature sound that transmits the message of the song well.

The track can switch seamlessly between soft-and-glowing to slapping-in-your-face. There are thoughts and pictures floating in mid-air like the smoke of a cold cigarette, as well as a straightforward impulsive attitude of a stubborn human that has had enough of all the bad happening around.

And that’s the beauty of this track, as simple as that. All elements, with the vocals in particular, carry the attitude and the message of the sound in an addictive way, garnished with a remarkable amount of style and groove.

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