Sam Nitsch – Follow Me

Boy. This track. This track speaks out of my soul, and I’m sure it speaks out of a billion souls out there as well. The new release of musical mastermind Sam Nitsch delivers with a unique relaxed sassiness, but also a lyrical urgency pointing out what’s wrong out there.

With a slight groove and a lightweight melodic approach, the vocals tell the story in a calm and relaxed manner, as if the track would start with “sshht, wanna know a secret?”. You’ll find an unexpected amount of extra content in “Follow Me”. Plucked strings along reverbed vocals, harmonies and swingy textures blend with church bells and dense synth patterns to form this dark-ish atmosphere that feels almost threatening at parts, but not bad-guy-killer threatening. It’s more like a “truth hurts, doesn’t it” uncomfortable feel, and that vibe is what makes the track so special for me. The smugly delivery along the relatable groove makes this tune ultra-believable. The lyric video coming with the tune is the icing on the cake, since it stays on topic perfectly.

As you can see and hear, Sam Nitsch knows exactly how to transmit his intentions with music. You gotta love this extraordinary blend of elements and story, ultimately forming a musical warning sign for society.

Find out more about Sam Nitsch here:

Florian Maier

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