Corduroy Cat – Deception Pass

The new release of American rockers Corduroy Cat has this undeniable honesty attached. With a live concept and no overdubbing, this track oozes honesty and this special vibe, located somewhere in between fun, drive, energy, and a unique just-go-for-it attitude.

And it’s exactly this attitude that makes this track so addictive in my opinion. This ode to self-delusion feels like the real deal, like a page taken out of the book called ‘life’. While the story is told by relaxed guitar melodies, a driving rhythm section and some rockin’ smack, the vocals do their thing while being as believable and relatable as it gets. And above all, there’s a big amount of fun and passion hovering. Plus there’s this honest edgy live feel present, that adds just enough grunge to the scenery to make the listener move.

Long story short: this, ladies and gentlemen, is handmade rock par excellence. This is what rock is all about. It’s about doing what you love, and transmitting the whole passion, heart and soul with your music. “Deception Pass” ist a lush rockin’ underdog with a live twist woven in.

Find out more about Corduroy Cat here:

Florian Maier

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