Christian Cohle – Wasted

Wow. Attention folks, this is a goosebump track. I love the atmosphere that’s created by the newest release of Irish singer/songwriter/producer Christian Cohle. From the first seconds on, there’s this heartfelt, beaten down atmosphere created. As the track progresses, the music feels like single rays of light cutting through absolute darkness. The vocals feel fragile and vulnerable at times, giving the tune something I’d like to refer to as a ‘significant all-alone-texture’, that is slowly built up to a boiling point where darkness and drive erupts.

The strong suit of “Wasted” lies in its intensity. It’s not a pressurized banger, nor is it a fast-paced action-packed race through the notes. It’s a methodical widespread mood cocktail, and I love it. The single notes are mere flickering lights in your mind, the defensive textures fire up the imagination of what’s beyond. Beyond the thoughts, beyond the words, and beyond the feeling.

Once the dark rhythmic ‘steps’ are taking place, the track feels like a melancholic thought process that cannot be stopped anymore. The amount of fine-nuanced energetic release, from one-shots to vocals, is absolutely amazing. This track wasn’t just written. It was lived through and handcrafted by experience, pictured perfectly by floating synths and reverbed vocals.

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Florian Maier

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