The Speaker Wars – It Ain’t Easy

The latest release of Americana-Rock band The Speaker Wars has a unique taste attached. Ever tasted a well-aged, really full-flavored Whiskey? Well, like expensive Whiskey, this tune pretty much is the real deal. The Whiskey for your ears and soul.

Being about aging and confronting that obstacle in any industry, especially the music industry, this track just has this signature styled fully-fledged wisdom attached. While the vocals having this seen-it-all texture, the backing creates a relaxed atmosphere in a classic band setting. One of the absolute strong suits of “It Ain’t Easy” is its way of telling the story. There are several stunning elements present, from laid back rocking edges to classy organ extras, and all of these elements are building this extraordinary canvas to let the roots rock grow and bloom.

You gotta love the knowledge of the musicians. They knew exactly about the worth and impact of the tune. The track never sells out, it never tries to sell something that isn’t there. With its understated energy and the melancholic passion it’s presented in, this tune for me is a stronghold against all of these shallow one-hit wonders out there, both lyrically and melody-wise.

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Florian Maier

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