KYTES, Digitalism – Hula-Hoop

In a playful environment, where Electro meets Indie, you’re in KYTES land. The guys teamed up with Digitalism to create a clean and crisp groove machine that’s kinda unmatched when it comes to originality and futuretro drive.

You gotta love the jumpy and borderline restless synth melody patterns. Those create a special lightweight colorful theme that feels like floating, yet it’s energetic enough to make “Hula-Hoop” a anthemic main theme. Taken from the EP named “Apricosa” , this track is one of five that combines a unique retro-flavoured base with a lively and fresh melodic concept and a pushing rhythm.

And the guys are shifting seamlessly between those components in their creations. Whatever feels like the right thing, it’s being emphasized and highlighted. In the case of this tune, its the lightweight melodies and the unobtrusive drive. The roomy backing tracks create an oddworld that defies gravity and sorrow, focusing just on the feeling and the momentum. Overall, the track gets this youthful drive that fills the air with floating textures in a structured environment. This, ladies and gents, is modern day electro at its best.

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Florian Maier

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