Claire Bigley – Becoming

Taken off the newly released album “Emergence”, this track caught me a bit off guard with a very sophisticated way of building a canvas for the story to unfold. This is not your daily 365-here-you-go track. It’s way more, but I need you to listen closely, and take your time doing so.

While a drone breathes life into the tune calm and steadily, the piano melodies are painting a picture for the listener. Almost awakening out of a hibernating state, the first sequences are showing, with a very shy appearance. As “Becoming” progresses, those melodies mature, they grow and develop into something still fragile, yet more distinct and therefore more emotive. In a way, those piano melodies feel like they originated directly from an evolutionary process, not some notes off a sheet.

I love the way in which the steady drone sets the heartbeat of the tune, while the piano fills the scenery with life. Life that is developing, not bound to any linear concept nor any other outside restrictions. Complex by nature, yet simple by desire. For me, this track is a statement that while life in every shape or form might be too complex for the mind to grasp, there are always simple facts and constants that cannot be denied. Life will find its way no matter how hard or unlikely the circumstances might be.

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