Kid Travis – My Luv

With a huge amount of emotion and passion, this tune of skilled singer/songwriter/producer Kid Travis once again pours out any nuance of emotion present in the heart and soul of the artist. With a soulful relaxed approach, the track creates a very defensive atmosphere that is garnered with several electro elements giving the tune a signature shimmer.

I love the down-to-earth vibe connected to “My Luv”. Seemingly minimal elements blend to a room-building soft textured backing, in which the vocals are embedded like they’re wrapped in a blanket called ‘soul groove’. And it’s exactly this soulful groove that is the strong suit of Kid Travis. He’s a master when it comes to transmitting soft yet intense moods, you can feel the music as much as you can hear it.

And this effect is not just limited to this release, in other tracks like the newest release bassy soft-burner called “Nothing To Do“, or the synth-soaked “Talk To Me Nicely“, there’s this intensity to find again, yet in a more energetic soft driving scenario. So I guess it comes down to this: if you’ll find that unreal amount of soul and groove in a song, you know that it’s a Kid Travis original.

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