MisterWives – Easy

The new release of MisterWives contains an undeniable drive. Feeling both vintage and futuristic, it is enriched with a great amount of energy happening within the atmosphere it creates. With a synth based melodic baseline and a driving saturated disco beat, the tune has a very authentic tension that is amplified through those unique female vocals.

Exploring difficult themes of change, loss, and moving through turbulent times with strength and hope, the song contains this special hopeful bright ingredient, giving “Easy” a sophisticated emotional aura. You can get lost in the dense and uplifting textures that are injecting a signature styled groove into your ears, making you move to the topic at hand.

And that’s what I love about this track. It acknowledges important topics by giving the listener the proper point of view to approach them. And it does so in this unique danceable fashion that spans a bridge between future and retro, making “Easy” a genius futuretro track.

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Florian Maier

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