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Estella Dawn – Orange

With a curious bassy environment and a unique kind of groove, Estella Dawn releases the next one into the wild. With her signature voice, this time she created a lush, swingy and laid back storyteller.

For the regular visitor, it should be clear by now that I’m officially a fan of Dawn. I mean, seven single reviews, one shout-out and an interview… yes, I guess you can tell that I’m into a lot of what the talented singer/songwriter is putting out there. And here’s why: she’s a master in cultivating nothing less than her own musical galaxy.

Have you ever visited a butterfly house? On of these tropic paradises, where they breed thousands of beautiful creatures you can spend hours watching? The repertoire of Dawn is a similar thing. Every other butterfly flying by is a complete different type, but every single one of them is beautiful nevertheless. With her newest butterfly track called “Orange” it’s no different. Where laid back guitars meet a laid back rhythm, an expressive piano and a sophisticated handcrafted bass, the stage is set for those soulful vocals. With their special calm storytelling behaviour, they give the track this “adult” texture that make the story about a date creating the right kind of texture from the beginning so genuine.

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