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Raynes – Lemon Drop

This uplifting and energetic alternative pop track invites you to just sing along. Well… at least that is what happened to me.

With an ultra-light vibe, the newest track of Los Angeles-based Trio Mat, Joe and Mark, better known as Raynes, lifts you off your chair no matter what you were doing. With a playful melodic intro and some distinct yet warm and soft vocals, the song picks up pace with the guitar, piano and drum tracks that contain something special to make you move. (Special… what, you ask? I can’t put my finger on it, there just is something attached. Maybe it’s the claps and finger snaps plus percussion? Maybe the violin backing? (Yes, violin. Awesome, isn’t it.) Who knows. It’s working great, this is what counts, right.)

So, this song is my new hymn when taking a walk during these cold autumn days, because the tune puts a smile on my face, making me feel good and put some dance moves into me instantly (although no one should see what I’m doing when “dancing”, trust me. My 6y-o daughter always tells me to “just stop” when she sees me dancing. Ouch.) The lyrics of the song aside – the song transmits a feeling  that life contains both the ups and downs, and for me, the song leaves the impression that in the end the good always has the better cards.

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