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Foe – Diamonds

Check out this unique crystalline atmosphere created by the newest release of Tel Aviv’s own musical genius Foe. Teaming up with the talented Alina Valentine, together they built not only music, they rather created an alternate reality in a world filled with sound. Where retro-styled synths create cold-metallic textures, where a methodical rhythm pumps energy steadily like a calm heartbeat, and where addictive vocals with a lonely undertone tell their story with a majestic character – this, ladies and gentlemen, is the world of “Diamonds”.

Using a derivate of Visage’s Fade to Grey pattern, the tune impresses with a modern touch by well-rounded saturated soundscapes, a crisp percussion and of course, those magnificent vocals. Taking their time to deliver the lyrics, the track seemingly slows down time, therefore highlighting what happens throughout the track.

I love that the tune “knows its worth”. It won’t rush or force anything. All elements of the tune happen steadily like a calm bloodstream. And that is exactly the secret ingredient of the track. It’s the ability to have a maxed effect even though it uses a slow rhythm and a well-dosed defensive energetic release. This calm approach is one of the signature moves of Foe. Although there has been a more edgy and crisp release called “Smile and move along“, overall the artist often lets his tracks happen in this chilled retro-flavoured manner. THIS is how to create your own meaningful signature sound.

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