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Cryote – So Much Nature

This track leaves you out there in the wilderness, but not the uncomfortable kind of wilderness. Time to breathe, guys. Feel the warm and cozy mood of being at peace with all what has happened and all what will happen. This emotive setting is brought to you by Minnesota based Joshua Schmidt, better known as Cryote.

With an honest and organic approach, the newest release of Cryote puts an almost summer-ish vibe into the head of the listener instantly. I like that the general mood set of this track is kind of an “it’s not easy all the time, but hey, don’t worry – everything will turn out alright eventually” nature. I just like the lightweight approach done with the uplifting vocals, some playful guitar loops and a defensive backing rhythm. Usually I’m kind of skeptical when it comes to high note harmonic vocals done by male vocalists, but this time it feels just right. They’re done in a defensive fashion to never disturb the main vocals or the overall mix. Plus there is this awesome effect in it which I like to call “raindrop ripple effect”, where vocal chops are reverbed and echoed, ‘falling’ in the mix like water drops fall on the surface of a lake, leaving a whole lot of little waves. To put this picture even further (you know how much I like to draw pictures for you), the mix of the track feels like a warm summer rain, ultra-well balanced with no glitches, peaks or anything. Songs like these, with just a couple of handmade elements and vocals, can be a real pain production-wise, but with “So Much Nature” it seems like this was an easy task for Corey Hess and Huntley Miller, the mix-and-master guys. (But believe me, folks – this is NOT easy at all.)

Being also part of the “Step Rockets“, it seems that music is a vital part of the life of Schmidt. Who knows what project he will come up with next? Only thing I know for sure is: it’ll be great.

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Florian Maier

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