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Joe Kirby – Dare To Dream

There’s a very nurturing atmosphere created in this tune. Take a moment to sit down, folks. Just lock the world out for a couple of minutes. The soft and defensive textures of “Dare To Dream” allows the listener to let go of sorrow, to close the eyes and follow the soft main theme throughout an atmosphere filled with a signature styled energy. Guided by a defensive and minimal rhytmic setting, the track creates this special wonderland for the listener to explore.

I am always stunned by track that are able to tell a story. Taken off the album “Abbey Road Masters: Repair & Reflect”, this tune tells a story big time. A story so vulnerable and crystalline that you’re afraid to breathe when hearing the first notes. Evolving like the beginning of a new day, the track grows into something more confident and strong, yet it rightfully takes its time to do so. This slow progression with the addition of new elements, reminds me of life itself, learning from experience and gaining wisdom as it is going on.

There you have it. That’s the secret ingredient of this tune. It won’t sell, it offers. It won’t lie, it tells the truth. It doesn’t force anything, it gives space and time. With all used elements from piano to guitar to strings, the track evolves into something bigger than expected. This tune dares to dream indeed.

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