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René Shades – Boomerang

I admit it: I’m in love with this country-flavoured, banjo-backed kickass driver. This tune creates a whole new genre between rock and country, and it kicks more than a can of black coffee at work.

With an undeniable energy, the new release of German singer/songwriter René Shades has a very unique approach. Handling the topic of never letting other people tell you how to live out your life and dreams, ‘Boomerang’ is soaked in this signature styled ‘what are you waiting for?’ vibe that feels alive, and even more important, it feels authentic and relatable. Crisp guitars along a steady smashing drum set set the tone, while all the extras build an atmosphere that is perfect for the vocals. And while telling their story, those vocals have a certain ‘been there, done that’ texture that makes the track fully unload its potential.

Long story short: you gotta feel this awesome anthem for yourself. This is your shot of positivity when everyone tells you to stay down, it’s your boost when you doubt you could stand your own ground, and it’s the reassurance for what you are capable of, no matter what others might tell you.

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