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Balthazar – A Night in Dreamland

Everyone loves a good story, right? Well sit down, take a sip, and let Balthazar tell you a story of a night in Dreamland.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I’ll leave it completely up to you what effect the lyrics will have on you as a listener. To me, those lyrics are more like a poem than actually song lyrics to me. What I am drawn the most to in this song though is the awesome atmosphere it creates. The music is styled old-fashioned, as if you just stepped into one of the good old pirate dens back in the day when there still were pirates. (In fact, I picture the whole song in a complete bar scenario when listening. You know, bar fights, hookers, laughing, dancing, and, of course, drinking everywhere.)
With all the handmade elements and instruments found in “A Night in Dreamland”, everything sells a great story, honest and truthful. Music like this is rare to find these days, folks. Music that tells a story. Music that does tell that story in style, with the necessary amount of passion and the power to create pictures in your mind Alice-in-Wonderland-style. You can see that this song originates from the soul of Balthazar, not from his pencil and sketchbook.

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Florian Maier

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