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goozafu – So Over This

With this special energetic kickass anthem, and a perfect blend of punk, pop and rock, singer/songwriter goozafu brings a truckload of drive to the table. The sound makes you move, and the vocals are feeling youthful and independent. It’s exactly this positive alive-and-kickin’ attitude that made me fall in love with this song instantly.

The sound of “So Over This” instantly reminded me of the good old days. Not too good old, but of the times me and my friends would spend the days like there would be no tomorrow. With a skater vibed undertone, the tune uses an energetic ‘classic’ guitar drive to tell the story about the end of a relationship. And by doing so, the track tells us not only through the lyrics, but also through the melodies and the smack woven in there, that we don’t always get our fairytale ending when a relationship has to end. But the tune also lets you know that this is totally okay. That’s life, so we might as well just get over it. You just gotta love the sassy wisdom about that.

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