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Tess Posner – Never Had a Lover so Cold

This track immediately feels like you just opened the door to a place you always wanted to be, but you always were too afraid to go. You needed someone to give you a little push to step through the door. Someone like Tess Posner.

With a mysterious deep bass and slow rhythm, the stage is set for those awesome vocals of Posner. Those are a perfect match for the bass, and I get chills when the bass stops all of a sudden to let the vocals shine all alone before the chorus drops. This feels like cutting glass with a diamond – its both surprising and just awesome that it works so well.
Speaking of, the track is full of surprises, be it some mixed in vocal one-shots, unexpected high notes – or the aforementioned sudden bass stops. Its this versatility of the track that makes it stick to your brain instantly. I also don’t really have to write about the mix, this work is a pure thing of beauty, transmitting an atmosphere that feels like the temperature just dropped about 10 °F. I love when you can feel music, not just hear it. (Needless to say, I’m also mighty jealous because that skeleton on the cover had the opportunity to dance with the beautiful singer/songwriter, while I’m sitting here with my headphones on. Damn you, cold lover.)

Posner declared this track as a “love letter to death”. I’m not convinced this is the whole truth though. I’d say it’s also a love letter to the ears of every listener out there. Posner gives the world out there nothing less than a piece of her soul with this song, and the track has all it takes to stay in the heads of the avid music lovers out there, long after we listened.

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