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Ragnhild – Space Kid

This tune has an irresistible lush soul-soaked groove attached that will take you on a relaxed trip through time and space. You gotta love the playfulness in which the single elements of the tune are blended. If you pay close attention, you can hear the texture of the tune changing form and function, being in a constant slow motion as the song progresses.

To paint a picture, the track acts pretty much like a cloud in the sky. And this is exactly what makes the track so irresistible. Where vocals get lost into wide atmospheres, with those mysterious one-shots floating around like single thoughts of long lost souls, where everything is in a slow groove state, you’ve entered the world of Swedish singer/songwriter Ragnhild.

And then there are those soulful soft vocals. These vocals are filled with a certain wisdom, and a texture that feels like silk on naked skin. Done with this ultra-relaxed vibe, these vocals are perfectly at home in this relaxed groove atmosphere. Blended with defensive reverbed synth elements, the track gets this special seductive vibe which calls for a new genre in music. How about…Sultry Space Pop? Sounds about right.

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