Jonathan Roberts – H3-A-22

The facts of this tune are as follows: a neoclassical ambient track/cinematic epic track, led by piano, combining multiple synths alongside strings, electric guitar and drums.
True. But there’s a ton of subcontext to find in the opening track of Jonathan Robert’s EP “Mountains”.

The atmosphere of the song is build by gentle piano melodies, which are blended seamless with soundscaping synths, creating a mystical underworld of floating souls. Once you fully entered this realm, there’s this dark, driving energy that is added to thoughts and feelings passing by like fog. The scenery is filled with both sparkling bell-ish melodies and calm yet intense rhythmic layers, as you get drawn deeper into this world of lost souls and dream-like textures.

Being a collaboration with guitarist Kobi Pham and drummer Dave Ormsby, British composer Roberts created what I’d like to call “summoned calm mystery” for now. With slight edges of haunting elements along soft and calm melodies, “H3-A-22” is a masterpiece when it comes to describing this mysterious landscape that’s not bound to the laws of physics, nor is it caring about being asleep or awake. And it’s this brilliant mix of all those elements and different moodsets that makes this tune one that will stick to your mind for a long time.

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