Nobody knows (Akiyoshi Yasuda)

A gentle approach is the absolute strong suit of this track taken off the album “memento -day3” created by composer Akiyoshi Yasuda. Be prepared to feel the music as much as you can hear it.

With seemingly minimal effort, the tune creates a unique soundscape that comes to life immediately. With a soft motion, the melodies exist in this huge reverbed atmosphere, a room with no walls where thoughts and feelings are free and able to evolve without boundaries. What I love about “Nobody knows” is its open concept, which is allwoing both music and effects to just develop something new for each listener. The melodies are not confined by a linear pattern, and so the tune feels like a bubble that grows bigger and bigger.

And there you are, the tiny listener inside of this bubble, surrounded by soft and nurturing sound, feeling both alone and surrounded by millions. It’s fascinating how the track builds this scenery that feels so alive. For me, the tune feels like hundreds of fireflies trying to find their way towards something meaningful. Creatures evolving in an atmosphere that was made for them.

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Florian Maier

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