Bjorn Rydhog – New Day Coming

The new release of Bjorn Rydhog is a very effective remedy for the soul. Because let’s face it, the world is an absolute mess right now. With most of us being caught somewhere between desperation and melancholy, this tune is a welcomed countermeasure to bring back some positivity and light into our days.

Using soft synth textures and defensive melodies, the tune creates a floating safe harbour, while the vocals feel at ease and calm, yet emotional at the right ends. And another great thing is that the song transmits an urgent message which isn’t transmitted with this urgency it stands for. Somehow, the Swedish artist Rydhog managed to get this tune a slow approach with a sophisticated warm aura.

With tunes similar to this one, I often use the metapher of a blanket that you can wrap around your soul, but this time it feels exactly like the title states. This is a new day coming. The track feels like the first rays of light that scare away the darkness. And you have to agree with me, it’s a dark lace out there, so we desperately need tunes like “New Day Coming” right now.

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