Mike Goodspeed – Broken Harness

Attention, folks – this tune does contain funk, energy, and a positive drive. And it’s all presented in a very unique bass gift-wrapping. Proceed at your own risk.

With this instrumental, Boston based bassist Mike Goodspeed creates an energetic atmosphere that is very rich in textures, melodies, and an undeniable drive. While the bass does its thing, there are other elements happening that give the atmosphere a very dense vibe, it’s as if the whole scenery is feeding off the funky passion of the main bass lines. And all of the single elements create a well-rounded groovy tune that might feel a bit lightweight due to the fact that there’s not too much drive happening from the drums – yet on the other hand I think this crisp approach feels fresh and innovative for a change. (And that is coming from a drummer, guys.)

In a way, “Broken Harness” feels like the soundtrack of life. This tune is essentially me, doing my thing on a normal day. There’s positive drive, there’s energy, there are tense moments, yet also this relaxed easy going vibe. This track isn’t just a brief moment in time, it rather tells a whole story in a unique surprising style.

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