Eric Papilaya – Getting Pretty Loose

Time to move, folks. Austrian multitalent Eric Papilaya will have your body moving, whether you like it or not. With a fresh and energetic base setting, this new release contains drive, as well as funky-ish elements and some of the most unexpected suspects there are to find in music.

While the days are getting darker and colder, “Getting Pretty Loose” is injecting some warmth and laid back smiles into our busy lives. And the tune does so with good-old claps, hey-heys, funky synths and even cowbells. You think that this set sounds mighty majestic? You damn right it does. The tune has a very wise and positive appeal, as if it was around for a long time already. And it’s also one of these multi-usable tunes that can be played everywhere, from the office, in the car, throughout all radio stations to weddings. You name it. The track takes no prisoners when it comes to spreading goodfeel, and this is its greatest plus in my opinion. This, ladies and gentlemen, is music exactly as advertised: beyond cool.

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Florian Maier

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