Trickster Figures – Getaway Driver

This driver will take you to a place called “Dreamworld”. Once again, with that unique signature soft understanding Trickster Figure approach, the new release of the charismatic duo James and Lauren fills the room with emotion and dreamy textures. Listening to “Getaway Driver”, it’s really no secret there’s a chemistry happening between those guys. Well, of course there is, since we learned during a quick shot interview last year that they are a couple.

And this chemistry, ladies and gents, is one of the most intriguing aspects of their music in my opinion. With a very defensive melodic backing, the vocals, both male and female, are nurtured by a sophisticated mix of bell melodies, soft strummed guitars and fine nuanced percussive elements.

Overall, the tune creates an atmosphere that feels warm and safe. And in this surrounding, the almost fragile vocals can flourish like a new born plant. Being created for anyone who feels stuck and wants to get away from a frustrating situation personally or professionally or politically, this track takes you by the hand and serves as a door opener to reect, to relax, and to know that in the end, there always will be a new tomorrow.

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