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The Electric Swing Circus – Gravity

With an unreal amount of drive, the new release of UK based six-piece-band The Electric Swing Circus knows exactly which knobs to turn to rip you out of your seat and make you move.

You gotta love the genre-blending style of the tune. With sultry vocals along edgy synth constructs, the track has this energetic aura that indicates the fun just started. There is a huge amount of different elements to find in the song’s atmosphere, yet above all, there’s this disco-ish retro-flavoured umbrella with colorful melodies and beats.

What makes the tune so irresistible to me is that behind every other bar there’s something new to explore. What starts with those fragile harmonized vocals and a mysterious swingy intro, lifts off in a take-no-prisoners style with wind instrument tracks, a driving rhythm and intelligent pattern changes to not let the track get linear for one second.

Out there, with so much new music on a daily basis, it’s the diversity that counts, right. We don’t need the eighthundredth shallow pop, rock or linear dance track that is forgotten as soon as you heard it. We need tracks with a special ‘woah!’ moment (or in this case: several of them), loaded with excitement and drive, delivered with passion, swing and fun. In other words: we need “Gravity” in our lives, and in our playlists.

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