This Week: 3/2022

Check out some of the best tracks I stumbled upon this week!

> Tiny Hits: Take Me There

Playful yet mysterious electro pop with vintage-ish undertones.

> Aron Blom: Collide

Emotional and heartfelt male vocal pop vibes from Swedish artist Aron Blom.

> KrizRok: Lie to Me

The new driving energetic pop rock track from the german powerhouse.

> Nadia Kamrath: For Lucy

Emotional soft pop with vocals to fall in love with instantly.

> Kima Otung: I’m Cute

Feeling down? Well, not anymore after listening to these 2:30 minute of grooving positive energy!

> DJ G-String, P5YCH0H: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Sweet dreams indeed! Dark and dense dance cover version.

> Gus Leifeld: Far From Home

Addictive lush genre-bending pop with no boundaries.

> Connor Reese: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Best rework of an original I ever heard. Period.

> Xush: In This Galaxy

Dense electro groove along lush vocals in a mysterious environment.

> .irg: peace of mind

Soft and heartfelt feelings, transmitted with a ton of soul.

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