This Week: 4/2022

Check out some of the best tracks I stumbled upon this week!

> Anushka Jag: Crumbs

Energetic anthemic banger. Listen up or else.

> VON WELT: Was ist nur passiert

Emotional spike with an intense atmospheric build.

> Lisa Heller: cheetos n coke

Pop ballad with an intense story and melancho-energetic thoughts.

> Mariah McKnight: Tasty

Soulful warm groove with relaxed addictive vocals.

> Dear Rouge: Small Talk

Relaxed mover with a unique energetic signature and vintage atmospheric textures.

> Fab The Duo: Somewhere In Delaware – Acoustic

Unusual emotional ballad from the energetic pop duo. But awesome nevertheless!

> Taxiway, Joe Sheriff: Irish Goodbye – Joe Sheriff Remix

Soft electro anthem with something attached I can only describe as ‘departure vibe’.

> FAÏNN: The Final Countdown

Soulful emotional approach on the original. This tune creates a stop-and-stare-moment.

> RAIGN: Spaceman

And another awesome cineastic atmosphere building adaption of a late original.

> Dee: You Can Wish

Smooth’n’ jazzy pop tune with addictive vocals.

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