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Finch Faux – Humbly Hollow

I just love the deep, sub-surface atmosphere that is created by the new release of Melbourne based indie pop artist known as Finch Faux. From the first seconds on, there’s this methodical element present which builds a deep and meaningful scenery. While the vocals feel as the warm constant in this somewhat dark and chilled scenario, the air is enriched with playful extras. There are retro styled synth melodies blending with percussive one-shots and very defensively added stabs.

The beauty of “Humbly Hollow” lies in the unreal amount of detail added to this track. With extraordinary processed single tracks along seemingly unimportant crystalline water-drop like elements, and a surrounding that is constantly in motion, the tune builds a steady tension that feels like you’re walking through a forbidden enchanted forest. Exploring themes of identity, the track moves through several stages from dark, heavy vibes to uplifting, positive and lightweight elements.

And this, folks, is it. This seamless shift back and fourth several moodsets is what makes this tune so irresistible. Along a second shift through time while using both futuristic and almost retro-flavored synths, the track itself is a total mystery to me. It feels relaxing while indicating a possible threat. It transmits darkness that is easily cut by light. Dismissive signals along warm understanding emotions. Long story short: Finch Faux created an awesome musical jigsaw puzzle here.

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