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Madeline Burns – Congratulations

There’s something special attached to the new release of singer/songwriter Madeline Burns. And no, it’s not the fact that the talented artist is only 14 years old. (Although being so creative and dedicated in this age IS jaw-dropping and eyebrow-raising, I’ll give you that.) Yet the track has something special attached, it’s a very emotional groove that isn’t easy to describe.

With a dark and dramatic undertone, “Congratulations” builds this dark place that probably can be best described as ‘payback backyard’. I love the no-shenanigans direct approach of the vocals, and the kind of unforgiving rhythm section that smacks you in the face with nothing but the truth while the tension rises.

And that’s the secret ingredient of this tune. It’s simply the feelable emotional honesty. You gotta bring a big amount of ‘been there, done that’ to the table to deliver a theme like this. And this defensive environment puts the focus on the vocal skills of Burns who, although she just started her career, proves without a doubt that she’s not in the industry to play games. She came for the top of the mountain.

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