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My Silent Bravery – Break Me Down

This anthemic tune contains a signature styled emotional energy that stands out in the industry. Taken from the album “Bigger”, the track of musical mastermind Matthew Wade aka My Silent Bravery puts it all out there from the first seconds on. There’s this tense vibe present that I can best describe as the feeling you have before you know something big is going to happen. It’s a fine nuanced mix of excitement, positivity and let’s-go-movement.

With a clean and crisp instrumental mix, the backing creates an energetic atmosphere that was just meant for those powerful vocals. They are telling the story with a certain sense of understanding, yet they also indicate that NOW is the time for change. This is do or die, it’s the turning point of the situation.

And that’s what I love about this track, “Break Me Down” puts this special moment into the perfect musical setting. When you feel down, when you are about to smash your fists into a wall because everything seems hopeless, THIS is the anthem that will get you back on track. So this tune is not just uplifting music – it’s a game changer regarding your mindset.

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