Alex Komlew – Dolemus Te

The new release from german composer Alex Komlew has a captivating crystalline aura. Starting with a fragile and vulnerable base, the track evolves to a wholesome story over time. And in the end, we listeners are all here for the story, right?

There’s a lot of tension happening in “Dolemus Te” which comes and go in waves. Told by strings, the intensity present in this tune feels genuine and controlled, yet for me it is also indicating that under the wrong circumstances it cannot be tamed. Written in order to cope with the loss of a close friend, this tune describes the essence of emotion for me. What starts controlled, seems overwhelming at times before feeling under control again. And above all, there’s a certain kind of final truth present that, although we cannot change facts of life, we CAN change how we live with it. Of course, this is just ONE way of interpreting the track – how the theme reaches out is totally up to the listener.

And that’s the beauty of this tune. It not only delivers a melancholic melody enriched with wisdom, it draws a picture of feelings while having this (let’s call it) ‘forgiving’ theme, serving as a helping hand for those who know this state of mind all too well, while at the same time acknowleding the situation. It’s not too often that you can actually hear such fine nuances of emotion in a tune. It’s only in this chosen orchestral environment where music like this can be presented with such full emotion.

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