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This Week: 50/2021

Check out the best tracks I stumbled upon this week!
Those tracks can also be found on the kms “new indie.” playlist.
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> Vintage Futura: The Spectre and the Spooked

Mystical driving tune with an appealing artistic lyric video.

> Tabi Kate: No More

Emotional honest pop with a youthful twist.

> Lon’nie: Smile Back

The relaxed groove of the new release of Lon’nie will make you move. Guaranteed.

> Zkeletonz: Superstar

Probably the most initrguing electro pop remake I heard in a long time.

> Mark Sutton: View from a Window

Expressive instrumental piece enriched with a signature emotional tension.

> Sophrosyne: Reference Material

A vast collection of soundscapes, groove and unusual textures.

> Gebrasy: Outta Love

A slow and emotional groove with an energetic twist.

> Sunset Sinners: Tavern Sandy

Time for some good old well-aged Whiskey Barrel rock.

> Kevin Whitaker: Part Of Me

Dark and mysterious electro pop tune with awesome vocals.

> Daverage J. Normal: Decompression

A super chill vibe with mysterious electro textures, almost psychedelic vocals and an atmosphere to sink in.

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