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Downhill – Gate

Taken from the album project “12 for 21”, this tune has a very mysterious and sparkling undertone attached. Imagine a half dark scenery, where the eye is not able to see every detail anymore. Those dark bass synths in addition with the arpeggiated high pitched melodies feel both dark and somewhat cold, while the steady and methodical groove patterns serve as a guide throughout the song.

The multitalented producer Jon Matthews aka Downhill did more than “just” music here. This track rather is a door opener for the listener. You’re allowed to step into an atmosphere created by layered melodic synths and crisp percussion. You gotta love the fact that the artist chose not to put the spotlight on the rhythm set, he rather lets the soundscaping elements do the trick.

You’ll find yourself in this dark area that feels somewhat familiar yet also slightly uncomfortable, it’s unknown territory which feels as if you’ve been here before. And attached to this groove, the track keeps in constant motion while holding a very high amount of tension. It’s not too often that an electro track is able to create such an intense picture for the listener with seemingly minimal effort. In the mix, there are a thousand ways of screwing up just one element to let the song lose tension and integrity. Yet for “Gate”, everything just falls in place, and the track tells its story like the end of a journey.

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