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The new downtempo release of Swiss electro producer STERNENTON is a hommage to whatever is out there in the black. An ode to space, designed to bring the listener the vast deepness, the silence, the void, and the beauty of whatever might be waiting there for us.

Building a huge atmospheric setting with seemingly minimal effort, “PLEIADES” uses arpeggiated piano tracks along soundscaping warm synths and intelligent percussive elements to paint a picture for the listener, and oh boy, it’s a picture of really unreal proportions. As you are allowed to embark on this 5-minute voyage (closed headphones are mandatory, folks), the track feels exciting and positive from the start, as it picks on speed through the crisp groove that makes the whole tune ride on a relaxed wave of sound. Once arrived at the destination, the tune presents a retro-stlyed melodic texture which does its thing in a very playful and exuberant way, blending seamlessly into the void canvas.

I love the fact that there’s this main theme present at all times, feeling wise and ever-knowing. In a way, this might as well be standing for the sound of the universe calling us. And as the journey takes place, we’re granted all these detailed elements and textures that keep the track alive and energetic yet far from hectic. This is my recommendation for tonight: Lean back, and enjoy the ride, courtesy of STERNENTON.

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