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Gerhardt – Let Love Lead The Way

It’s this time of the year again, folks. Time for some good old christmas tune to get you in the mood, alright? But forget about the classics for a sec. We all heard enough of the classics. We need something fresh and new. We need something that wasn’t already played a million times before.
We need “Let Love Lead The Way”, the newest release of the Nightcomposer Gerhardt.

This tune proves that there can be christmas songs with a fresh face and a positive attitude. Not relying on the classic elements, the track uses catchy melodies, and a youthful drive that makes you feel warm inside, and it makes you want to decorate the tree right away. Gerhardt uses several components that are ususally not used in a christmas themed song, yet they are really effective as signature elements in the tune. I couldn’t get the whistle melody out of my head at work. I also found myself doing a clumsy impromptu dance through the room when that rhythm firework started halfway through the song (luckily that didn’t happen at work but at home). If music manages to connect on so many levels, you know that it was done by someone who really understood what it’s about in music. This track instantly made the top spot of my christmas songs for 2021. Let the holiday season come.

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