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Golan – Bridget

G stands for groove.
G stands for greatness.
G stands for Golan.
The Bulgarian groove alchemist gang Golan released a slick and driving anthem dedicated to the flow. With lush sophisticated rhythm patterns and soft synth textures along processed vocals, “Bridget” impresses with that special groove vibe, which isn’t easy to describe but easy to feel.

Enriched with an easy going melodic construct, the tune starts only indicating the mysterious and dark-ish glow hidden in the shadows of the song. As the tune progresses, the track gets more confident, and after the break, things are taking a serious change of events regarding making you move. From there on, the tune emphasizes on the mystical intimate waltz of the single instrument tracks. The same as in the video, the sound changes its form like it just walked into another room with a different sound setting. I love the one-shot approach of the tune both in the song and in the video coming along, it all just feels ultra-natural, as if it was as easy as breathing for these guys. This tune perfectly describes the natural connection of chemistry, groove and melody.

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