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Marconi Union – Breaking Point

The new release of England’s own Marconi Union builds an unbelievable wholesome atmosphere. What starts with icy synth textures and a steady relaxed rhythm construct, evolves into layers of gentle melodies that transform constantly as the song progresses. This tune really is something to float into as listener.

In a way, “Breaking Point” feels a bit like a cloud changing form and pattern until it disappears. Everything happening in the tune takes its time, it slowly and methodically gets shaped, refined and then its faded with other elements to form something new. You gotta love this constant process that’s guided by the drums in a dense scenario that can switch seamlessly to floating and silky, to energetic and driving.

With the days getting shorter and colder now, this song feels like the perfect soundtrack. The constant change of things happening is pictured perfectly by this song with soft synth patterns, a wide and mellow atmospheric scenario and this positive groove attached to it.

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