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Bree Whitworth – Time

With very powerful and passionate vocals, the new release of Vancouver based singer/songwriter Bree Whitworth knows exactly how to leave a mark. Backed by a soft and wide synth atmosphere that is filled with crisp percussion and positive uplifting melodies, the vocals tell their story in a very special vibe I’d like to describe as ‘confident positivity’. Being about meeting the right person but with the timing being off, the track contains a huge amount of relatable emotion, gift-wrapped in a energetic yet defensive atmosphere.

I love the relatable core of ‘Time’. With those pristine vocals, the track has this bright aura that brings a certain lightweight element to the table. The resulting optimistic scenery can be as much felt as it can be heard. You even can dance to the tune for its existing addictive groove once the tune reaches the boiling point. In the end, it’s this versatility that made me fall in love with this tune instantly.

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