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Mark Winters – Signal

With a laid back and smooth approach, the new release of singer/songwriter Mark Winters holds a perfect balance between emotion and relaxed vibe. ‘Signal’ contains a signature-styled groove component that shapes the scenery with a controlled rhythm set and warm guitars, while the vocals tell their story in a relatable way, connected to a positive energy.

While some might say that the tune probably is done a bit slow while containing only the minimal amount of elements, I’d rather say that it’s exactly this what is the strong suit of this tune. With a relaxed approach like this, the tune gets a majestic appeal with an almost retro-flavoured shimmer. This tune will step on the breaks for a reason. In this ultra-hectic world out there, it’s refreshing to find yourself slowly grooving to a laid back theme like ‘Signal’. As much as the tune desribes the act of transmitting and receiving signals that influence your mood and behaviour, it’s exactly what the tune gives back to the listener. So in a way, this tune can be seen as medicine for the soul.

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