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Wyld Ruse – Psychogenic Fugue

With a unique human/electro blend, the new release of Alon Eida, Branden Tighe and Iain Findlay, the trio better known as Wyld Ruse, creates a sophisticated wide spaced setting. I love the textures the guys created with a great cocktail of handmade elements, one-shots, and a steady electronic synth base. The tune abducts you into a soft and defensive electronic atmosphere that knows how to shine like a diamond with retro-flavored synths, emotional vocals, and exciting percussive elements.

I think it is really awesome that the track changes its appearance over time. While it picks up energy and intensity as it goes on, it always keeps its signature retrolectro vibe intact. Done this way, the track sort of “walks through” several stages, changing patterns and style over the total running time. As this happens, the tune never feels linear nor static, it feels more like a road trip through deep space. With the blend of guitars that adapt to electronic textures, and dense synth bass structures that build massive and at parts almost brute foundations, ‘Psychogenic Fugue’ stands out as a calm yet ultra-effective electro tune out there in the musical landscape.

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