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JukeBox County – Words

On all levels, the new release from Rich Tyo, the mastermind behind the project better known as JukeBox County, spreads honesty and wisdom. With a laid back retro country appearance, ‘Words’ has a unique relatable and nonchalant way of telling its story. A handmade groove connects with retro-flavored and sincere vocals, forming a slack, almost vintage blend.

But the music is not all there is. Coming along is a video that spreads the same amount of truth as the music does. Delivered in a seemingly minimal setting and done with a smile, this track just knows how to transmit the vibe in style. Letting things just happen, this track can be seen as a recipe for how to deal with both the limitations and the necessity of communication, and all the difficulties that may come along with it.

And that’s the beauty of this tune. There’s a heartfelt message transmitted. And because it’s delivered in style and with a smile, this tune will get both your eardrums and your thoughts in motion. And while we got introduced to the world of JukeBox County, you might as well check out “Inner Space/Outer Space”, the album this tune can be found on. There’s more retro rock wisdom waiting for us.

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