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Moyka – Illusion

I love the playfulness connected to the new release of Norwegian indie-pop artist and producer Monika Engeseth, better known as Moyka. The tune builds a sparkling atmosphere with the help of arpeggiated synths that feel lightweight and free. The passionate vocals which can be found in the tune do their part to really let the tune fly away. With a at parts high pitched crystalline approach, these vocals add energy and drive. Overall, the tune builds a very positive atmosphere that is loaded with a danceable groove.

The interesting part is that the song is about of falling for someone whose intentions aren’t what they seem to be. With the topic at hand one would expect a sad melancholic beaten down atmosphere, but Moyka chose to re-decorate the whole scenery. And she makes it seem so easy. While the emotional base stays true to the topic, the backing gets a confident and uplifting ingredient in there, making “Illusion” a anthemic tune for a serious subject. And this pop-styled approach really is intriguing, offering an alternative to all the sad bops out there.

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